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The three most obvious pros of using natural gas as a fuel to power your generators is that it is cleaner, less expensive than other non-renewable fuels, and is considerably efficient.

• In comparison to oil and coal, the emissions of sulfur, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide (a greenhouse gas) are considerably lower. Hence, natural gas is one of the cleanest fossil fuels when it burns.

Natural Gas Generator

Biogas Generator

Biogas is a combustible gas mixture produced during the anaerobic digestion of organic matter in an anaerobic biogas reactor . During anaerobic digestion, wastes are treated and degraded and biogas is produced.

Various technologies to generate electricity from biogas are available. In principle, the chemical energy of the combustible gases is converted to mechanical energy in a controlled combustion system by a heat engine. This mechanical energy then activates a generator to produce electrical power.

Gas Cogeneration Set (CHP)

Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) is the use of a heat engine[1] or power station to generate electricity and useful heat at the same time.


Cogeneration is a thermodynamically efficient use of fuel. In separate production of electricity, some energy must be discarded as waste heat, but in cogeneration some of this thermal energy is put to use.

CHP is one of the most cost-efficient methods of reducing carbon emissions from heating systems in cold climates and is recognized to be the most energy efficient method of transforming energy from fossil fuels or biomass into electric power. 

Natural Gas Engine

The gas generator set is a new type of generator set developed to meet the world's environmental protection requirements and the new market environment. Natural gas generator sets are mainly divided into two types, one is a combined cycle gas turbine, and the other is a gas internal combustion engine. Gas turbines have relatively large power and are mainly used in large and medium-sized power plants. The gas engines have relatively small power and are mainly used in small distributed power plants.

Biogas Engine

Gas-fired generator is a new type of high-efficiency new energy generator that uses flammable gas such as liquefied gas and natural gas as combustion products instead of gasoline and diesel as engine power. Gas generators have a wide range of output power, reliable start-up and operation, good power generation quality, simple maintenance, low frequency noise, etc.

Diesel Generator

The diesel generator set is a power supply device that uses a diesel engine as the prime mover to drive a synchronous generator to generate electricity. It is a power generation device with quick start, convenient operation and maintenance, low investment, and strong adaptability to the environment.